Venue & Events

Let us hold readings with international writers, like Falko Hennig of Radio Highseas! or Ahne from Berlin's avant garde. We feel the arts should be connected to nature, just as when invited from Edinburgh to Berlin's volksbuhne, the place that put homeless on stage at our inspiration, having toured Glad, Jeremy Weller's play, from Edinburgh, an ecology of poor side by side with everyone that has garnered praise from Sarah Kane who started theatre after watching our Mad and Ken Loach's Paul Laverty. We have a bookstall in the Christchurch Garden. Prater is a green venue.
We celebrated World Girls' Day, 11th Octoer. We say I do care!
We wish to educate and involve local children at the Primary Schools, as well in meadow building and growing green space

I love this planet  


Wild flowers are already enabled and emerging; Shar pointed out these tiny geraniums (below right)

Tiny geraniums, lotus tree, cape daisies, lavender and thyme, every plant is burgeoning forth and so we hope to continue with potting cuttings to sell for fundraisers. Here autumnal look


We happen to be next to a Church but community and ecology is church.


We grow beans, beetroot, rhubarb as much for their beauty as their taste and cook tomatoes..beans, given away to entertain youngsters. 


The Church next door has parking but that is charged. Try roads near


The Memorial itself is sheltered but not for really sleeping: in the past we have had homeless who we fed. 


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