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Over time a Garden can represent interests of community in many ways.

The community is black, Asian and white, but eighty percent foreign. While the tragic events of a V2bomb exploding here that led to the Gardens Memorial,we also discretely want to update its communal purpose. Our team of highly qualified gardeners have been available day and night. – The Memorial has its glory returned: respectful and dignified, while remembering the lost of today as well. Reinforced by watching Dan Cruickshank's Commonwealth Grave Commission Gardens,represented in one hundred and seven countries we have felt duty bound to create a space that equally serves as a place where the living can grieve and reflect. Key Workers' deaths under Covid inspire us to make this place sacred to their memory, just as the Commonwealth Graves continue to represent those, even recently in Afghanistan. As Memorial Sunday November 2020 reflected, there are military nurses who felt what they saw in hospitals of this country, treating virus victims was worse than anything they saw in wars. We recall the cruel pandemic in a way appropriate to true trauma leaving us guilty we cannot save more. We read their names, we did last year, of five hundred civilians in the War. The Few, RIP 


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